Ramsdale speaks to the media after attack by Spurs fans

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Ramsdale speaks to the media after being attacked by Spurs fans after the game.

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale spoke. After the 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur. After he was physically assaulted by Spurs fans towards the end of the game.

England national team goalkeeper There was a problem with arguing with the fans of the home team behind the goal. Including having a problem with Richarlison. The Spurs striker at the end of the game before being separated. However, at the moment when Ramsdale was stooping behind the goal Instead, a Spurs fan ran in and kick him in the back. and cause chaos

“There were Spurs fans yelling at me throughout the second half. And I did the same for some of the fans who did it to me. Then one fan tried to jump up. and kicked me in the back which is a shame because in the end it is a football game.”

“The players from both teams were trying to get me out. Thankfully it’s nothing more than that. It’s not very pleasant. But I think it’s better to go back into the dressing room.

However, Ramsdale is a goalkeeper who frequently argues with football fans about this kind of thing. Many times, coins and objects were thrown from him. But this was the first time a fan had physically attacked him through stadium security.

Spurs have released an official statement on this matter. And will find the said football fan together with the police, Arsenal, including Ramsdale, to bring them to justice, initially banning such football fans. which has not been specified in terms of the duration or any other details