Wright reveals why Manchester City have reason for Liverpool

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Wright reveals why Manchester City have been the reason for Liverpool poor form this season.

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright believes a major reason for Liverpool slump in form this season has been their pursuit of the Premier League title with Manchester City over the past three or four years.

The performance of the Reds this year has been depressingly low as they have just lost to Brighton completely and previously eliminated from the Carabao Cup. Despite the fact that last season they showed form. Can be strong and have a chance to win 4 titles together

Wright, who serve as an analyst on the show Match of the Day On Saturday night, spoke about the main reason why Liverpool have a continuous poor form that.

“We’re talking about Liverpool who used to have incredible pressing up top and great support from midfield. which allows them to snatch the ball from the opponent’s territory The more he saw the opponent standing from them, the more The more you feel like they can never come close. I feel that it is very difficult for them.

“In the title-chasing season with Manchester City, it affected them a lot. Especially this season trying to play in the opponent’s top half when your midfield is not moving towards the opponent’s midfield to intercept the ball or trying to cross the line. So it looks like now they are always getting the ball through the middle so easily,” said Wright.