‘Nketiah’ dreams of Arsenal winning UCL championship

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Eddie Nketiah dreams of leading Arsenal to Champions League glory. After preparing to wait for the results of the matchup for the round of 16,

Arsenal will be the team seeded in the matchup for the round of 16 of the Champions League after winning Group B before the game against PSV that night. Tuesday

There are only 11 players in the Gunners’ squad who have played in the Champions League. Before this season. But they have adapted quickly and are considered fourth favorites to win the title. Behind the likes of Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Miguel’s Real Madrid

. Arteta suffered defeat to Lens in October. But other than that they made it through the group stage without any problems, scoring 16 goals in six matches.

“We’re excited about the next round. Playing in this football competition will always involve difficult matchups. Every team in this competition is good and deserves to play in this competition,” Nketiah said in an interview.

“There is no reason to play in this competition if you do not dream of winning the championship. We have the quality to do that and we push every day to win trophies in every competition he plays. “

That’s our goal and that’s the Arsenal club’s goal. That’s what the fans Football needs it and we are dedicated every day to try to make the dream come true. “

My dream is to win every championship. The Champions League is a great competition to be a part of. We worked hard to get there. We will push every day to show our results and hope to make our dreams come true.

” Can still be beaten.

“Every kid dreams of scoring in the Champions League. It was a good finish and it was good to be on the field. Every game has meaning. Even if we make it to the next round, we want to continue to sweep away the wins. We are passionate about winning. We want to push on.”

“For us who may not have play as much as we wanted in the last two weeks. This game is a good opportunity to show ourselves and be energetic. “

I think we are all good players. We all fight to play at the top level. I think we handled the competition very well. “

We started well and the important thing is that we qualified as group champions. We are enjoying this and look forward to playing in the next round.”