Conte ‘disappointed’ in derby defeat, praises ‘ramsdale’

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Conte ‘disappointed’ in derby defeat, praises ‘ramsdale‘.

Spurs manager Antonio Conte admitted his disappointment. After a 2-0 home defeat to Arsenal left Arsenal in their sixth game in the Premier League this season.

Spurs played their 19th game and this defeat leaves them five points behind the Champions League places. 

“Obviously, I’m disappointed with the performance that came out. And I’m sorry for our fans. We know it’s a very important game. It’s hard day. Because we are talking about bad outcomes. Bad defeat I think the performance of the team is good. Because I think we can start the game in the right way to play. but after we conceded the goal And after that, there was a chance to score an equalizing goal from Son, which Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale made a great save. Causing us to score 1-1, we conceded the second goal.”

“The second goal killed the game. But I think we react well in the second half. We do not lose focus And we risk losing the balance in the game. But it does more than just support the game. we take more risks But we created more chances to score goals. And we were unlucky to have the opportunity to score goals. But again, today their goalkeeper is the best in this game. But we have to forget about it and look forward to the game against Manchester City ahead of us.