Chelsea 1-0 Crystal Palace: Picking up issues after the Premier League

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Chelsea 1-0 Crystal Palace: Picking up issues after the Premier League.

Official launch of Mukrik

According to many media reports, Chelsea can close a deal to grab Mikeylo Mudric worth a total of 100 million euros in front of Arsenal. since Saturday night Just 24 hours later, Chelsea swiftly debuted the 22-year-old Ukrainian winger at half-time to a thunderous applause. In which he will wear shirt number 15 for the Navy Blue Lions. Throughout the rest of the season.

Punch exchange game like a team of the same level

Although in this game, Chelsea will have more ball possession. But since the whistle blew at the start of the game in the first half, Crystal Palace play second to none. Especially with the opportunity to make a return that could be done. Evenly matched counterattacks back and forth with two punches as if they were a team of the same level. In which each side lacks sharpness, shooting birds, fishing until the outposts on both sides show safe performances outstandingly Until the end, it was Chelsea who were more decisive than “a little”, successfully hitting the winning goal in the second half. And what’s even more funny is that at the end of the game, the home team has to wring out a lot of tricks to slow down a lot of time. As soon as he got the ball. He threw it up in front of him and hoped that Peter Banks would blow the time out quickly, creating an exciting atmosphere like playing a Champions League game.

New four-centre back-four formation

In this game, Graham Potter organized a rather indie strategy by turning into a back four again with Trevoh Chalobah at right-back and Thiago Zil at centre-back. Wa is paired with a rising star like Benoit Badiyachil. And left-back is a youngster like Lewis Hall. Came out, especially on the left side. Which was hit by Michael Olise very hard. The duel fell off, the duel fell off. Which today the youngster Hall should have learned quite a lot. While on the right side of Chalobah, the defensive game is excellent, but the offensive game has absolutely no role. Which may plan to deal with 3 high-speed attackers, both Eze Olise and Zaha, plus after Hall’s injury. Koulibaly was sent as a left-back, even on the horse. Seated with both Cucurella and Azpilicueta waiting for the opportunity.

The next game “Battle of the 9th place”

3 points in this game are not enough to help Chelsea rebound from 10th place, at this time they have 28 points from playing 19 games through half the season in the most chaotic way, plus in the game. The next match, they will also meet the sleeping giants. This season like Liverpool. Who just got beaten by Brighton 3-0 without form. Which makes the Reds have 28 points. Equal to Blue Lions, but the goal difference is -It’s better to lose and still play less than one game. became “Big match in the middle of the table” that will be a scramble for 9th place. This game will play as an opening pair next Saturday at Anfield at 7:30 p.m. in our home time. Don’t miss it!