Wright, Schmeichel confuse ‘Swan’ offside and get a goal

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Ian Wright and Peter Schmeichel, two Premier League legends, expressed their view that Liverpool should not have scored a goal in the 3-0 win over Aston Villa because Mo Salah was clearly offside.

Last Sunday’s game at Anfield, the “Reds” quickly took the lead from the 3rd minute, with Dominic Szoboszlai collecting a shot from the second row into the corner. Salah was standing in an offside position, but Simon

Hooper On-field referee The goal was confirmed by the VAR room, which Wright thought was a mistake by the referee team. ทางเข้า ufabet

“What we saw was Mo Salah obstructing Amy Martinez’s vision,” the Arsenal legend said. “So Howard Webb (chief referee) might have to make a phone call

. to apologize again Because this rhythm has to be offside ′

′ I don’t really get into it. Now everything we discuss on the show. It’s about the decision of VAR. which is boring And it makes football lose its fun.”

Manchester United legend Schmeichel also thinks in the same direction.

“You can clearly see that Martinez’s vision is obscured,” the former Denmark goalkeeper said

. If you want to save a shot like this You must be in the correct position. And must be able to see the ball ′′

Mo Salah stands in the line of sight, causing Martinez to change his position to find the ball. And that opens space on the other side of the goal. “

I don’t understand why this moment doesn’t interfere with goalkeeper play.”

However, Dermot Gallagher, former Premier League player, has a different view. They confirmed that Liverpool deserved the goal.

“I think Martinez can still see the shot in this moment, while Salah didn’t get close. Or move towards both the ball and the goalkeeper.”

“Soboszlai shot into the post and the referee team thought Martinez Can’t save This is how the rules are interpreted.”

“This season we have seen moments like this in the game between Wolves and Brighton where Estupinlan shot in and Welbeck was in an offside position but still scored,” the rules read

. that The attacking player must affect the play to be offside. And they interpreted that at this moment Salah did not qualify.”