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DO NOT bring her to orgasm yet. The Pornhub team is always updating and adding more porn videos every day. I'm gonna go ahead and guess no, but do feel free to tweet me with your Khia soundtracked sexual exploits for posterity if I'm mistaken.

While doing this, try massaging the bottom of her vagina, as deep as possible.

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Songs like "First Position" are hot because they demystify our desire and champion our autonomy, in swoon-worthy, boots-knockin' style. This way she will get to experience the hyper-pleasurable build up to orgasm over a longer period.

It's kind of crazy.

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There are two schools of thought about what to do when she is about to cum. During menstruation Cunnilingus may be performed during menstruationwhich may be called "to earn one's red wings" in slang.

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Before all other things, you have to find pleasure in giving her pleasure. One woman opens up about the best oral sex she ever had and what the guy did right before licking her vagina. So oral sex skills might be more important than making your penis bigger or lasting longer in bed.

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The first is for beginners and intermediate folks while the second is for advanced guys… Super-Steady Pace beginner — intermediate — Most women greatly appreciate when you can maintain an incredibly steady rhythm as they are about to cum.

At the same time as you put your fingers in, up the speed of your licking again. Wetter Is Better This is not so much a technique, but more general advice when going down or learning how to finger a girl. Now, the hard work. Ideally 34 minutes more in order to fully appreciate the sexy but not at all distracting arrangement in which Syd is so deeply enamoured with the concept of a vagina that she wants to "die in it.

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You will see tightening, a building of pressure, you may even just feel it coming. That honour goes to Yelawolf—aka the most see: only bangable whiteboy rapper out here—and Diamond of Crime Mob fameon this X-rated duet from That denial mechanic is key.

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Find the labia, and put the palm of your dominant hand on the mons pubis, so that the base of your thumb rests about a half-inch above the clitoral hood. Looking for pssy to eat Tag.

And, if you have trouble producing enough saliva, then I highly recommend using lube instead. But licking it off her pussy can cause serious problems. Begging and pouting horny.

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There are a bunch of ways to eat her ass that I have detailed in this Ass Eating Guide. With trills like the flutter of a thousand tongues and a literal three-part harmony on the lyric "hickeys on your thighs!

How To Eat Pussy Like A God: 34 Cunnilingus Tips To Make Her Addicted

Pay attention to breathing, twitches, goosebumps, shivers, sighs, finger- and toe-clenching as well as lip-biting. The same is true for women. Or gently insert a moistened finger into her pussy, then two. This is especially true if she has trouble reaching orgasm.

I put together an instructional video demonstrating my most effective techniques for making your girl squirt, shake, scream and scratch your back.

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These are going to get thrown at you hard and fast, so you need to recognize the good ones. If she enjoys it, move higher and higher until you can touch her clit AND she enjoys it. Looking for pssy to eat A Looking for pssy to eat message Looking for pssy to eat Looking for pssy to eat code has Looking for pssy to eat Looking for pssy to eat Looking for pssy to eat Didn't Looking for pssy to eat Looking for pssy to eat Looking for pssy to eat Looking for pssy to eat have Looking for pssy to eat phone?

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Returning to foreplay is a good idea or simply lying beside her until she recovers can work too. Disguise any changes in speed or pressure with a physical distraction somewhere else.

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Observational skills are also key. Be patient and consistent with your tongue. Yes, diverse sex education in the UK is still off-limits, cishet dudes still need a map and flashlight in the bedroom and cultural imperatives around pleasing the puss are still loaded with tired misogyny cc: Blue Valentine. More about that in this post.

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You can switch between stimulating her using only your tongue ladies want sex divide then using only your hands and then using only your tongue again. The anal sex guide should help you out too. So, in honor of their services, here are ten of the best paeans to pussy-eating from the last three decades: SYD — "DROWN IN IT" "Tonight I'm gonna swim in it, dive in it, drown in it… " Queer artists are increasingly more conspicuous these days, but queer love songs that center lady x lady desire in any meaningful, lasting and genuine way—in rap and beyond—are still as rare as unicorn poop.

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If you are not hearing, seeing or feeling much of a reaction from her faster breathing. These are especially important for the unpredictapussies, and will ultimately determine your success or failure. Again, you need to see how she responds to this. Here's what you're missing out Looking for pssy to eat Sign Up.

Our Pussy Eating Tricks are Powerful… But You Also Have to Do the Work

If she flinches, then wait longer. If she likes it rougher, you ladies want sex elk point gently squeeze the skin of her inner thigh between your lips or even teeth, but make sure not to be too rough. If not, or if you want to make sure, ask her to take a deep breath for you.

Pouting face emoji, face with steam from nose emoji, wastebasket emoji, etc. If you want to learn them, so that you can give her orgasms so powerful that she becomes emotionally and sexually addicted to you, then you will probably want to watch it here.

At just over a minute long, it's less song and more interlude; the kind that trails off in a haze of promise—all gauzy, silken vocals and a simple, echoing melody.